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1. Mission Statement  

The School of Coding is a safe, well ordered and caring environment for learning. It delivers high quality education to all its students and supports them to develop their individual potential for growth, self-worth and self-control. 

High quality outstanding teaching, and clear and consistent guidance and support facilitates students in succeeding in education. Our broad and balanced academic and vocational curriculum will provide students with access to a broad range of accredited qualifications as well as educational and social experiences, which will address their learning and emotional needs.  Our purpose is to support every student to develop their true potential, make positive contributions to their families and find fulfilment in employment.  

2. Values  

  1. Alternative Provision doesn’t mean a dumping ground…it’s main stream with the reasonable adjustments to succeed 
  2. High standards and high expectations are incredibly important and are the corner stones to a successful school 
  3. The School of Coding should become the go-to place for educators from across the country to see best practice 
  4. Good simply isn’t good enough 
  5. Learning is about a journey and there is more than one way to get to the destination 
  6. Qualifications, manners, respect and opportunity should be the foundations for students that need a second chance. 

3. School Ethos 

High standards – students are pushed to achieve beyond their potential, and staff work to ensure everything that we do is better than people expect.  

Daring to Dream – students at The School of Coding may have been in an educational setting where they lacked aspiration to be successful, at The School of Coding we challenge students to reach their potential and go on to further education and employment.  

Traditional Values – some things often get forgotten in education, at The School of Coding we pride ourselves on mutual respect, good manners, making a positive contribution, supporting one another and an orderly, litter free environment. 

Success – can come in many virtues, at The School of Coding we celebrate the small steps every day and tell students when they are doing well. We ensure that students can have a successful future. 

Personalised Support – all students at The School of Coding have a Learning Coach who guides them, sets them bespoke targets and supports them in making social and academic progress.  

4. Introduction 

The Equality Act 2010 has replaced all existing equality legislation such as the Race Relations Act, Disability Discrimination Act and Sex Discrimination Act. The following plan is The School of Coding’s commitment to ensure the Equality Act is adhered to. This encompasses all aspects of school to ensure everyone is treated in an equitable manner. The School of Coding is committed to ensuring everyone is free from discrimination of any kind.  

5. Definition of Disability 

You are disabled under the Equality Act 2010 if you have a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ negative effect on your ability to do normal daily activities.  

6. Key Objective 

To reduce and eliminate barriers to access to the curriculum and to full participation in the school community for students, and prospective students, parents and stakeholders with a disability.  

7. Principles 

The School of Coding has an up to date and accurate Special Educational Needs Policy and focuses on compliance with the Equality Act to ensure we achieve the best possible outcomes for those with additional needs. The School of Coding is committed to achieve the very best for all students, parents, staff and stakeholders to ensure they are treated equally, fairly, with dignity and respect.  

The School of Coding recognises its duty under the Equality Act;  

  • not to discriminate against disabled students in relation to school admissions and exclusions, and provision of education and associated services, 
  • not to treat disabled students, staff, parents or stakeholders less favourably, 
  • to take reasonable steps to avoid putting disabled students at a substantial disadvantage, 
  • to publish this Accessibility Plan. 

The School of Coding recognises and values parents’ knowledge of their child’s disability and its effect on their ability to carry out normal activities and respects the parents’ and child’s right to confidentiality. 

The school provides all students with a broad and balanced curriculum, differentiated and reasonably adjusted to meet the needs of individual pupils and their preferred learning styles; and endorses the key principles in the National Curriculum framework, which underpin the development of a more inclusive curriculum: 

  • setting suitable learning challenges and targets, 
  • responding to students’ diverse learning needs, 
  • overcoming potential barriers to learning and assessment for individuals and groups of students, 
  • offering additional in/out of class support to those students who need it, 
  • The School of Coding recognises that a disability is not just a physical limitation.  

8. Activity 

The School of Coding has taken the following measures to ensure the main activities undertaken in school help us to achieve our overall objective; 

9. Education and related activities 

The School of Coding will continue to seek and follow the advice of Local Authority services, such as specialist tutor advisers and SEN inspectors/advisers, and of appropriate health professionals from the local NHS Trusts. We will ensure this is reviewed on a regular basis. 

10. Physical environment 

The School of Coding will take account of the needs of students and visitors with physical difficulties and sensory impairments when planning and undertaking future improvements and refurbishments of the site and premises (particularly in relation to the new build), such as improved access, lighting, acoustic treatment and colour schemes, and more accessible facilities and fittings difficulties. The School of Coding temporary site is a very old building and experiences difficulties with the layout of the site, we will endeavour to minimise these difficulties where possible.  

11. Provision of information 

The School of Coding will make itself aware of local services, including those provided through the Local Authority, for providing information in alternative formats when required or requested.

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