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Unlock Your Potential with School of Coding & AI! Discover our half day courses to enhance your skills. Whether you’re job hunting, upskilling, or seeking inclusion, we offer digital support to boost your confidence, motivation, and key skills for life.



Unlock Your Potential at Any Age! Discover our one day free courses to enhance your skills. Whether you’re job hunting, upskilling, or seeking inclusion, we offer digital support to boost your confidence, motivation, and key skills for life.

About the Program

This programme, funded by the UK government, is open to anyone aged 16 or older living in Shropshire and anyone aged 16 -24, not in employment, education or training, living in Telford and Wrekin. Our aim is to equip our learners with the necessary digital skills to excel in today’s technology-driven world, whether it be for job hunting, upskilling or seeking inclusion. Our courses will be running in three locations in Shropshire, and in Telford and Wrekin.
Embrace this chance to enhance your digital expertise and secure a promising future.

Our Courses

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Communication and Life Skills

The Communication and Life Skills course is a dynamic program designed to enhance individuals’ ability to communicate effectively in various personal and professional contexts. As communication plays a pivotal role in all aspects of life, this course aims to equip participants with the essential skills needed to express ideas, build relationships, and convey messages with clarity and impact. Key life skills such as Digital Money skills and Employability skills are also covered in this course.

Essential Digital Skills

The Essential Digital Skills course covers a broad spectrum including essential digital skills such as CV writing, MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. This ensures that our learners are well-equipped to tackle the demands of today’s job market, while also making certain that all Shropshire residents are not excluded from the ever-changing digital world. The curriculum has been meticulously tailored to match the demands and qualifications sought after by the most common and readily accessible job opportunities across various sectors.

Intro to Coding

Embark on an exciting journey into the world of coding with our Intro to Coding course. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the language’s history and equips you with two fundamental coding skills, problem solving and analytical thinking. By the end, you’ll have the knowledge to create your own code, including print statements and inputs. Put your skills to the test and craft an end-of-course quiz, which you can save on a memory stick for further development at home. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive into the world of coding and start your journey towards becoming a proficient programmer.

How to get online safely

Join our Online Safety course to gain vital insights on internet hazards and how to stay protected. This comprehensive course empowers you with practical skills to effectively utilise various devices, optimise their capabilities, and navigate the ever-evolving online world. Discover valuable government websites and learn about risk and protective factors when going online. Whether you live alone or in isolated care, this workshop equips you with the knowledge and tools to have an enjoyable, secure online experience. Don’t miss out on enhancing your understanding of technology and staying safe in the digital age.

Intro to Digital Marketing and Web Development

Our esteemed Intro to Digital Marketing and Web Development brings you the opportunity to acquire a valuable skill for your future. This comprehensive course provides a foundational understanding of digital marketing, expanding your perspective on diverse strategies employed in the field. Moreover, engage in hands-on learning as you delve into crafting websites using HTML, a pivotal coding language in the realm of web development. Culminating the workshop, you will have the privilege of developing your very own website, allowing you to apply the knowledge gained throughout the course. Embrace this transformative experience and embark on a path towards a successful career in the dynamic domains of digital marketing and web development.

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