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UK’s First & Only Drone Coding Workshop

Rise of the machines…

Our vision at School of Coding is to help students become more creative and logical thinkers and we do this by innovating and creating state of the art tech workshops. Our Rise of The Machines workshops are a fun packed, engaging educational coding & engineering workshops, for both Primary and Secondary Schools.

Students experience the thrill of flight and accomplishment as they learn to code drones using intuitive visual programming language.

During the workshops students will code the flying machines to run through extreme manoeuvres, grasping objects and flying aerial combat missions, all with the power of their code.

Watch students confidence soar as they learn to write programs that bridge the gap from the digital to the physical world. No experience with coding or flying drones is required.

The Drone Coding workshops have created amazing STEM opportunities in Schools, taking coding and engineering to new heights.

"The integration of Minidrones within our STEM curriculum enables us to engage our students in hands-on problem solving experiences where they apply coding, engineering, and making skills in fun and creative ways.”

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