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During a period of school closure due to COVID-19, or another exceptional circumstance, The School of Coding will move to an Online Learning package. This appendix makes specific reference to how the Behaviour Policy will be implemented when students are asked to participate in Online Learning.  

The School of Coding Expectations; 

  • Students and staff to behave respectfully towards one another; 
  • There is a focus on positivity throughout every lesson;  
  • That our Online Learning environment is safe, calm and orderly; 
  • Students become self-managers of their own behaviour and in turn support their peers on how to behave correctly; 
  • Staff to find resolutions and solutions to negative behaviour in Online Learning sessions.  

To support a positive learning environment, staff and students will work together to ensure that The School of Coding is a successful place, and everyone achieves their full potential.  

Behaviour in the online classroom directly impacts on students’ performance and their results. As a school we praise achievement and challenge poor actions in a proactive way, fairly and consistently.   

When participating in Online Learning students should: 

  • Check their emails/SIMS App regularly for any work or invitations to their timetabled lessons.  
  • Have a pen and paper ready and find a sensible space to work (at a desk or table).  
  • Be on time for each online lesson.  
  • Be dressed appropriately for learning (for example no pyjamas). 
  • Be respectful towards everyone in the lesson. 
  • Use respectful language with their teachers and other students; if inappropriate language is used, the student will be muted and may be asked to leave the lesson. Students are representing themselves and the school and their voice could be heard in others’ homes.  
  • Achievement Points are given out every lesson for good effort, behaviour and engagement.  
  • Not show or share any information or item that is personal to them. 
  • Listen during the sessions, follow instructions and complete any work given.  
  • Get involved, ask questions and answer questions 
  • Let their teacher know when they have finished a piece of work or if they need help. 
  • Not record each other’s online conversation or take pictures.  Some students can’t have their pictures taken and doing so could result in a police matter.  
  • The lesson/session will be recorded or another adult will be present this is done to safeguard everyone.  
  • Make sure they leave the session at the end.  

Below is a reminder of the ways we will support students in their Online Learning:  

Remember Online Learning is the responsibility of the student and parents/carers should ensure that students are ready to learn. 

If your child has issues with technology, you should contact their Learning Coach/ Assistant Learning Coach who can provide you with help/support.  

This page was last updated on 19/01/2023