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School of Coding (SOC) Blended Learning is the European Locality of our educator. We deliver European funded projects to improve a range of aspects, including- Schools, Youth/Adult Education, and the heritage of our Planet Earth.

Our focus is to deliver inspirational, market-leading and innovative educational research projects using Computer Science. Along with our unique E-Learning Platform which helps develop our students’ knowledge in many engaging ways. Our education centres are in the UK, Ireland, and India.

Fresh Projects Launched and in the Pipeline

Grow & Sell: Committed to Empowering Young Women in Entrepreneurship.

We emphasise three key pillars: environmental sustainability, active civic engagement, and workforce inclusion. Our objectives revolve around skill enhancement, confidence building, and economic empowerment. Stay updated on our social media for the latest news on food cultivation, technology, sustainability, and more.

Introducing Go-Visel: Where Art Meets the Virtual World

In response to the pandemic’s challenges, “Go-Visel” emerged as a virtual sanctuary for artists worldwide. It transcends physical limitations, offering a global stage for creators to showcase their work. More than a gallery, it’s a community that empowers artists, connecting them across borders and fostering an appreciation for diverse perspectives. Join us in celebrating this virtual revolution where art knows no bounds, and the world becomes your canvas. Coming Soon!

Digital Finance 4 Youth

The ‘Digital Finance 4 Youth’ initiative is dedicated to educating youth workers and key stakeholders throughout the UK & Europe, particularly in underprivileged areas, about the critical importance of imparting relevant digital financial education to our youth.

A Waste Free World

Coming Soon!

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