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What is Coding?

Coding is making instructions for computers to do a job or task. Coders (the name given to anyone who writes code) use special coding languages like Python, Java, C++ and others to write lines of code in English that tells the computer what to do. The computer then follows these instructions to do specific tasks, such as telling a robot to move an arm or start playing a video on the phone when the play button is pressed or closing a car boot if a button is pressed, these are all examples of computer coding.

Coding is needed to make many things like websites, phone apps, games, and software programs. It’s important for lots of jobs in many different fields. Knowing how to code is helpful for people and companies, and is an important skill to have in today’s world.

How we help your child become a young coder of tomorrow?

There are so many ways your child can learn to code but, having private lessons at School of Coding not only accelerates learning but also encourages the student to do more than just that is requires at school and at national curriculum level. This is why our students are always one step ahead at school in Computing. We teach students from the tender of age of 6 years through to A-Level.

It’s our story that makes us different

It all began in August 2016 when a passionate individual started offering coding tuition lessons from a spare bedroom and visiting students’ homes. Kidz Can Code was born, armed with just a five-year-old laptop and a borrowed coding book. With sheer determination and dedication, our CEO Manny Athwal, drove the business to grow exponentially, and in June 2017, it officially became School of Coding Limited. As the number of students grew, we diversified our offerings and became the largest after-school provision provider in the West Midlands by 2018. While maintaining a focus on digital skills education, we have expanded into various markets and evolved into the UK’s largest coding and computer science education company, serving thousands of individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Our reach now extends beyond the UK, delivering our services across Europe and Asia.

Our tuition centre

Our School of Coding tuition centre is based at Pendeford Business Park and is open Monday – Saturday from 11am – 8:30pm. There is always a receptionist and 24-hour security guard on duty, so your child is always in a safe environment.

All our tutors are DBS checked

Before we hire our tutors, we make sure they are DBS (Formally CRB) checked. School of Coding takes value in making sure we have the right people tutoring our students. Safety for everyone in our coding family is and has always been a priority.

Students don't need to bring their own computer

Within our establishment students are provided with full equipment. So there’s no need for students to bring their computers. There is a comfortable waiting area with a television and refreshments available for parents to use.