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We also offer Computer Science and ICT courses for adults. These run at different times throughout the year at our education centre based at Wolverhampton Science Park. We also offer ECDL courses and private GCSE in Computer Science. We teach languages such as python, java etc which are highly demanded by the tech industry. If you would like more information about the next cohort of dates please contact us on 01902 509209 or [email protected]

Bookings for our next adult coding classes intake is now open. The classes will begin in mid July with an option for a Wednesday or a Saturday class. The two advanced languages that we will focus on will be Python and Java. These are two introductory languages for all levels of experience and they are both widely used in the commercial computing sector. This class will be taught by one of our tutors who holds a masters in cyber security coding. The cost for the 6 sessions will be £295.The sessions will be 2 hours long. Certificates will be provided once the course is completed.

Aims and objectives:

Students will have a basic understanding in Python and Java and would have developed two small programmes using the languages.

  1. Python introduction
  2. Variables, maths, casting
  3. IF… Else
  4. While, For, Loops
  5. Functions


  1. Java introduction
  2. Printing and comments
  3. Variables, Constants, Data Types and Casting
  4. Math operations
  5. String operations
  6. IF… Else, Switch
  7. While, For, Loops
  8. Methods
If you would like more information or to book your place please call 01902 509 209.