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Coding and Ai Assembly

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Welcome to our Coding and AI Assembly! Inspire and empower your students with interactive sessions on coding and artificial intelligence. Our assemblies are designed to introduce students to the exciting world of technology in a fun and engaging way.

Our Coding and AI Assembly

In our engaging and interactive Coding and AI Assembly, students delve into the exciting realms of technology through a variety of enriching activities.

Here’s a glimpse of what we offer:

Coding and Ai Assembly

Thunkable Coding and AI Assembly

Unleash creativity and problem-solving skills as students embark on a journey to create their own mobile applications using Thunkable. With its user-friendly interface, students learn the basics of app development while exploring their imaginative ideas.

Coding and Ai Assembly

Scratch Coding and AI Assembly

Introduce coding basics playfully with Scratch. Developed by MIT, it teaches coding logic through block-based programming, letting students create animated stories, games, and art. It's a fun way to learn and express creativity!

Roblox Coding and AI Assembly

Dive into the world of game development with our Roblox Coding Workshop. Students learn how to design, code, and publish their own games on the popular Roblox platform.

Introduction to Coding & AI Assembly

Ignite curiosity and explore the fascinating field of artificial intelligence. In this workshop, students are introduced to the basics of AI programming and machine learning concepts.

Benefits of Hosting Our Coding and AI Assembly

Our assemblies serve as catalysts for creativity, providing students with immersive experiences in coding and AI technologies. Through dynamic workshops and hands-on activities, students are empowered to unleash their imagination and explore innovative possibilities.

Engaging in coding and AI exercises fosters the development of critical thinking skills. As students navigate challenges, debug projects, and find solutions, they cultivate a mindset of analytical problem-solving essential for academic and professional triumphs.

In today’s digital landscape, proficiency in coding and AI is paramount. Our assemblies introduce students to these cutting-edge skills, equipping them with tools necessary to thrive in an increasingly technology-driven world and gain a competitive edge in their academic and professional pursuits.

Within our inclusive learning environment, collaboration flourishes. Through collaborative projects and interactive sessions, students cultivate teamwork and communication skills, preparing them for success in collaborative endeavors and fostering a culture of cooperation.

In an era defined by technology, digital literacy is indispensable. Our assemblies deepen students’ understanding of technology, empowering them to navigate and leverage its potential to solve real-world challenges with confidence and proficiency.


Early exposure to coding and AI ignites students’ passion for STEM fields. By showcasing the excitement and opportunities within STEM-related careers, our assemblies inspire students to pursue further exploration and discovery, laying the groundwork for future innovation and success.

Ready to Host an Engaging Assembly at Your School?

Bring the excitement of coding and AI directly to your students with our tailored assemblies. At School of Coding & AI, we specialise in delivering immersive experiences that ignite curiosity and foster innovation.

Coding and Ai Assembly

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