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Manny Athwal

Entrepreneur of the Year 2023, Founder & Current CEO of School of Coding and its group of companies. Manny obtained his Undergraduate degree from the University of Wolverhampton and his executive education from the prestigious University of Oxford Said Business School, for which he was given a scholarship under the Goldman Sachs Leadership program. Manny founded the School of Coding in 2017 from his bedroom and has since grown the company into a world-class international brand with offices and operations in the UK, Europe, and Asia. He is very passionate about research and is the lead researcher in many educational research projects including 3D Autism, CAIR 4 Youth, and Coding 4 Migrant Women. Manny along with his wife Sandeep Athwal founded SOC Communities Foundation, which helps many underprivileged communities across UK, Europe & Asia. Manny's vision is to help learners build a better future so that they solve the biggest problems in the world through Code.

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Sandeep Athwal

Having obtained a degree in Psychology and multiple qualifications in training and assessing, Sandeep is a Director at School of Coding, leading the growth strategy and recruitment within the business. Sandeep finds new talent for the company in the UK & Europe. Sandeep is also the co-founder of SOC Communities Foundation, which helps many underprivileged communities across the UK, Europe & Asia. Sandeep is a busy mum of two and a loving wife of Manny Athwal. Sandeep loves fashion and anything do with children and family.


Clare Norton

Operations Manager at School of Coding, School of Cyber Security, The Work College and SOC Blended Learning, Europe.
I have worked in advertising, marketing, law, software, education, and business management and growth. That’s why my role at School of Coding suits me so well. It’s the perfect mix of everything I know and love.
Outside of work, I’m a mum to my fourteen-year-old son, and I’m passionate about being the best I can be and encouraging others to do the same, both inside and outside of the workplace.
I'm a member of Aston University Alumni, and my favourite thing about my role is working with the team and working on the ever-changing, ever-diverse projects we undertake as coding educators.
I would love to be mentored by Alan Sugar!

Suki Gill​

Suki Gill

Hello! I am the Education Quality Manager here at School of Coding. All of my experience that I hold has allowed me to develop into this role. I have an MSc in Computing and was the Head of Department for 11 years. My experience has enabled me to work in a range of schools including Grammar, Independent and Boarding secondary schools. This has allowed me to develop my understanding of how students need to break down exam questions, what should be included in their responses as well as how to teach different types of learners. I have also held the position of an OCR examiner and NEA moderator for nine years which has allowed me to get more girls into Computing and STEM subjects. As a middle leader, I have also been responsible for training Computer Science teachers at all levels.

Malik Farooq​

Malik Farooq

I am the Finance Manager at School of Coding. I hold an MSc in Accounting and Financial Management from Coventry University, and I am currently studying for ACCA. With over five years of experience in accounting and finance, I hold various skills and are always eager to explore new ideas and concepts. I've had a passion for numbers since childhood, so I chose this field as my career. As a hardworking and adaptable individual, I maintain a professional manner in the workplace, excel as part of a team, and work independently with initiative. I enjoy learning about innovations, such as cars and IT, during my free time.



Hello, my name is Sareena, I am the Senior Administrator at School of Coding. This entails Creating Policies, overall Health & Safety, Compliance, managing diaries and events, requisition and assisting in all aspects. I am an experienced audit, assurance, compliance and contract manager and have an outstanding reputation with external audit achievements. Joining School of Coding allows me to learn and develop new skills and I feel proud to be part of the development of such an outstanding niche company.


Jo Dickens

Hi, I'm Jo. I have over 20 years of experience working in education as both a Teaching Assistant and a Teacher. I have also worked as a Camp Counsellor in America for two summers delivering STEM activities. I have a degree in Applied Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. My role is to offer an alternative education experience through and support students in predominantly Maths and Science.

Cavin Wright

Cavin Wright

Hi, my name is Cavin or you can call me CJ. I am the AEP behaviour mentor for School of Coding. As a part of my role, I am here to guide, inspire and learn from my students. My experience with youth work goes back more than 10 years as I first started at the young age of 15. My friends were frequently getting in trouble which guided me to a different path. Outside of my full-time role at School of Coding, I work part-time at The Way Youth Zone in Wolverhampton. I love reading motivational books and books about the power of the subconscious mind, I also love playing sports; football, basketball, rounders and working out.

Chloe Murphy

Chloe Murphy

Hi, I’m Chloe. I do all of the marketing for School of Coding and work alongside the Tuition department as well. I graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a BA(Hons) in Tourism Management which pushed me to go into a business role with School of Coding. I love working in this role as it allows me to explore my creative side and advocate the company's mission and values via multiple platforms to inspire people all around the world. In my spare time, I love to see my friends and spend time with family.

Rishabh Malik

Rishabh Malik

My name is Rishabh Malik and I work in the Digital Marketing department at the School of Coding. My role is to make plans for lead generation and brand awareness as well as to maintain the websites. I love working with website design, SEO, content marketing, and other digital marketing strategies. The thing that I love about my job is experiencing something new every day and discovering the power of digital marketing and how it impacts our life. That is what drives me. This job helps me to push my limits and makes me better at my work.

Rajiv Malik

Rajiv Malik

Having completed his Master Degree in Computer Application from MDU, Rajiv Malik has a teaching experience of 22+ years. Vast knowledge in Python, Java, Android Programming, PHP, MySql, C, C++, HTML with CSS, JavaScript, C#, VB .Net, Asp .Net, Oracle, D2K.


Kiran Sanghera

Hello my Name is Kiran and I am Head of the Tuition Department. I handle all new Business enquiries making sure the customer knows exactly what we offer and how our subjects will benefit their Student journey with School of Coding. One thing I love about my job is hearing positive feedback on how we have helped students and what a difference we have made to building their confidence. I have experienced my own child creating games and laughing with his online tutor, showing me online learning is just as much fun as face to face learning! I enjoy going out to Schools meeting Staff and Students explaining the benefits Coding has to offer.

Dante George

Dante George

Hi there, my name is Dante and I work in the Tuition Department in Sales and Admin. Currently, I am studying for an undergraduate degree in Business & Sociology at Aston University so, I chose a path in sales to combine both business and people skills. Along with that, working in Sales creates the opportunity to inform others about different paths and subjects that are not made readily available to everyone. Each day, I learn new ways to help people and how to have a supportive influence in their life. Ensuring the customer is well-informed about our courses and dealing with day-to-day enquiries is my main priority. In my free time, I work in website design/web development and enjoy playing the piano at university as a hobby.

Claire Martin

Claire Martin

I am Claire Martin I work on the Tuition Desk, as a Tuition Desk coordinator. My role is to help with the administration and running of the Tuition desk, to ensure lessons run as smoothly as possible. And keeping parents informed of any issues that may arise. A super power I wish I had was to have a photographic memory.

Helena Gair

Helena Gair

Hello, my name is Helena, and I work as a general office administrator, therefore each day my responsibilities vary. When I was younger, teaching at a primary school was my ideal career. Never change who you are to fit in with other people, is some advice I would give to my younger self. And if I could turn invisible, that would be my ideal superpower.

Nazia Hussain

Hello, my name is Nazia Hussain and I am the Employment Engagement Officer for the In2 Employment Programme at School of Coding. I have obtained a Degree in Psychology, where I gained knowledge on topics regarding the social, emotional and physical needs of an individual. This has given me the motivation to pursue a career where I can make a difference and support individuals. My previous job roles were SEN teacher assistant and Family Support Worker, both roles involved helping and working with young people with a range of difficulties. This has equipped me very well for my role at School of Coding, which is to support and handle the recruitment process for job seekers aged 15 - 24. Outside of work, I love exploring, travelling and seeing different parts of the world.

Jayda Sampson

My name is Jayda, I am the progression officer at School of Coding. It is my job to ensure that all our Work College participants are supported into employment and have the support that they need in order to do this. I have a passion for helping others, which is why I fit the role so perfectly. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and learning new things.

Nirvana Atwal

Hey, my name is Nirvana and I have just completed my degree in Early Childhood Education at University of West London. I completed my GCSE's at Upton Court Grammar School in Slough and completed my A Levels in English, Sociology and Media Studies at West London College. I have previously worked within the company when it was first set up six years ago, where I gained admin and workshop experience. I have also worked within the HAF team on the summer, Christmas and Easter HAF clubs over the years. I am now a part of the IN2 Employment Team, where I will be going out and helping 15-24 year olds who are unemployed, gain employment or participate in an apprenticeship programme. Working within the education sector and supporting children and young people is my goal.

Cameron Atwal

Cameron Atwal

Hi, I'm Cameron, I have worked here at School of Coding for three years. My role is Delivery Team Coordinator as well as teaching, I teach Scratch, Python and GCSE Computer Science and deliver STEM workshops to primary and secondary schools around the U.K. I completed my GCSEs and A-Levels at Upton Court Grammar where my passion for tech and teaching started.


Kyle Cadwallader

Hi, I’m Kyle, and I am a tutor here at School of Coding, The most favourite part of my job is going out to different schools around The West Midlands and teaching them about the importance of coding and how it is being implemented into everyday life. If I had to be mentored by someone it would be Robert Downey Junior.

Beth Cartwright​

Beth Cartwright

Hi, my name is Beth, I have been teaching Scratch and Python with School of Coding since April 2022. Alongside this, I am currently studying Maths, Further Maths and Computer Science A-Level with the hopes of studying Maths and Computer Science at university. I have previously worked with other tuition companies and have helped to run the summer HAFs. I love trying to get all the children involved and help them learn in a comfortable environment.

Bhavika Shonal​

Bhavika Shonal

My name is Bhavika Shonal, I have a Masters Degree in Information Systems and extensive experience in the tech world. I have been teaching for the last two years. I started my career in Web Development and explored different fields in IT, such as Middleware Administration and QA Testing. I have experience in several programming languages including Python, Lua Coding, HTML and CSS. I believe no one is ever too young to start learning these vital skills!

Grace bennett

Grace Bennett

As another younger tutor, Grace joined School of Coding in February 2021 as her first paid job. At age 17, she committedly teaches Python, GCSE Computer Science, and produces excellent Scratch, Java, and Python resources for our new Erasmus Projects. Having produced amazing GCSE results ranging from 9-8 (A**- A*), she currently studies A-Level English, Maths and Computer Science at Wolverhampton Girls High. Outside school and work hours, Grace voluntarily runs a robotics club and Tech Club ( Introduction to Lighting & Sound for Stage) for younger students.


Gus Basson

Acting as one of our longest working projects managers and tutor, Gus has been working at School of Coding since its inception in 2017. He has a range of tutor roles, including -Scratch, Python, PyGame, and GCSE Computer Science. Gus has an admirable bachelor's honours degree in Accounting and Finance from Birmingham City University, ACCA Chartered Accountant Qualification and a previous career in Commercial Finance.

Lauren Kay

Lauren Kay

My name is Lauren Kay and I am a tutor at the School of Coding. I am studying Computer Science A Level at Wolverhampton Girls' High School and hoping to study Psychology at university this September. I have worked with children many times in various jobs, and have volunteered at two schools to help aid children in their work and improve their reading skills. I love to take an active role in supporting children in their learning and try my best to be as successful in doing so as possible.

Mckaren Poonian

Mckaren Poonian

I'm McKaren, a tutor at School of Coding and I currently teach GCSE Computer Science. Alongside tutoring, I study A-level Computer Science, Maths, Further Maths and Physics at Wolverhampton Girls’ High School, where I also studied my GCSEs gaining results from 9 - 8 (A**- A*). In my free time, you can find me reading a book or going on walks with my family. What I love about my job is being able to help students build their confidence and aid them to expand their knowledge when it comes to Computer Science. Whether it’s teaching them new content interactively or having debates and interesting discussions to further develop their learning and allow them to articulate their opinions.

Natasha Prabhaker

Natasha Parbhakar

Acting as one of our newest tutors and youngest, Natasha joined School of Coding in December 2021. At the age of 18, impressively, she teaches Python Programming and GCSE Computer Science, having completed her GCSEs in early 2021. With fantastic GCSE results ranging from 9-7 ( A**- A), she has now joined School of Coding as a degree Apprentice in digital and technology solutions.

Nitin Wadakar​

Nitin Wadakar

I am Nitin. I have 7 years of working experience (plus 3 years in IT and 4 years in Ed techs). Having exposure to both Industry and academics, I now thoroughly understand how every learner is unique and how their potential can be developed. I train learners of every age group in subjects like Scratch, Python, Java, C#, WordPress, GCSE OCR, AQA, A-Level, Web Development, Cyber Security etc. Inspiring young minds is my ultimate purpose and it fuels my passion to teach.

Raoul Jeyakumar​

Raoul Jeyakumar

Equally one of our newest tutors, Raoul joined School of Coding in January 2022. At age 21, he teaches GCSE Mathematics and Core Sciences to our students. Having achieved 12 GCSEs ranging from A*- C at Upton Court Grammar and A-Levels in Maths, Chemistry and Biology, he is now impressively in his final year at Swansea University, studying Civil Engineering.

Reena Sagar

Reena Sagar

Hi, I'm Reena Sagar. I have completed a master's in Computer Science while gaining 7 years of teaching experience. Teaching is my passion, I have worked with multiple organisations to explore my skills and have taught students from all backgrounds. I currently teach Scratch, Roblox, Web Development, C-C++, C# and ASP.Net with the School of Coding.

Kiran Jayraj​

Kiran Jayraj

I'm Kiran and I'm currently pursuing my Master's degree in Data Analytics at Aston University. I'm a huge football fan and consider myself a tech-savvy person. I absolutely love teaching Coding and making sure that my students understand it from the root. In my opinion, it's essential to start from the basics and build a strong foundation. As a Coding tutor, I am patient and dedicated to helping my students understand the concepts thoroughly.

Ashish Palve

Hello, my name is Ashish, and I am a Marketing Intern at School of Coding. Currently, I am pursuing my MBA at Aston Business School, and this internship is an integral part of my curriculum. While my academic background lies in Electrical Engineering, my fervent passion for business management has propelled me towards the captivating realm of marketing. With work experience of over three years, I have garnered invaluable experience working with small-scale businesses in the electrical domain, assuming multifaceted roles encompassing marketing, sales, project management, and manufacturing. This exposure to the dynamic nature of small companies has honed my versatility and nurtured a robust skill set. As I forge ahead, my unwavering commitment lies in advancing my career in the domains of digital marketing and marketing consultancy.

Sritha Damsani​

Sritha Damsani

Sritha leverages expertise cultivated through experience in the IT sector and MBA studies at Aston Business School in her role as Project Management Intern at School of Coding. In this position, she oversees the successful and timely completion of Erasmus development projects, serving as a vital link between all participating teams. By applying her diverse technical and business competencies, Sritha facilitates seamless cross-functional collaboration. Her focus and drive ensure efficient delivery across initiatives, fully realizing the potential of each undertaking.