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School Of Coding Manny Athwal, Winner Of Prestigious Award July 2023

School of Codings CEO, Manny Athwal has proudly been selected for Excellence in Technology Award at the Nachural Summer Business Award.

The man who founded Britain’s largest coding and computer science educator after losing his job in the City and wondering how he would provide for his young family are now winners of the Excellence in Technology award for their business School of Coding.

Manny Athwal picked up the honour at Birmingham’s Signature Awards this July.

His company, School of Coding, based in Wolverhampton, was named as a finalist in the Excellence in Technology category as well as being shortlisted for the Innovation Award by the Institute of Directors (IoD) Director of the Year Awards Ceremony 2023 and LDC’s Top 50 Most Ambitious Business Leaders 2023. To be announced later this year.

School of Coding was founded by Manny in 2017, and since then he and his wife Sandeep have taken the company from their bedroom to a multi-office organisation with plans to create more than 100 new jobs in the next three years and reach £50m turnover within the next five years.

“I am absolutely delighted to have been awarded Excellence in Technology Year at the Signature Awards. It is a fantastic testament to what we have and are trying to achieve here at School of Coding. Our plans for School of Coding are limitless, what we are trying to achieve here helps everyone’s future. – Manny Athwal, CEO

“Although we are still a relatively young company, we have already made great strides in the education sector and through our work with the UK government and other major organisations such as Toyota, the European Council and JP Morgan, DWP and newly formed FSE and MEIF. – Manny Athwal, CEO

School of Coding teaches over 5,000 students each month, working with major universities and over 150 schools and colleges across the UK.

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