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Coding For Kids

Unlock your child’s potential with our engaging coding classes for children! Our expert-led coding classes for kids turn learning into an adventure, making coding for kids both fun and educational. Whether you’re searching for coding for children in the UK or seeking top-notch coding tuition, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive programs include GCSE Computer Science tuition and GCSE Maths tutors to ensure your child excels. Plus, with specialised 11+ tutors in Wolverhampton, we cater to all your academic needs.


Coding For Kids Made Easy…

Coding for Children

Beginner Scratch

Scratch Beginner Coding for Kids: Our introductory coding course teaches programming fundamentals through the Scratch visual platform, making coding for kids simple.

Students learn looping, conditional logic, variables and event-driven code in a creative way through sprite animation projects. Foundational computational skills are built.

Coding for Children

Intermediate Scratch

The intermediate course develops more complex programming techniques within Scratch.  We incorporate concepts such as cloning, scoring, timers and keyboard input into our coding classes, as well as project design, to introduce core concepts in a challenging yet supported environment for coding tuition. Coding for kids also encourages their problem-solving abilities to expand.

Coding for Children

Advanced Scratch

The advanced Scratch curriculum offers comprehensive coding classes that allow students to work independently on open-ended projects. We cover object-oriented, lists, file handling and advanced graphical effects within our coding tuition curriculum. Project planning is self-directed with teachers providing feedback and support.   We appreciate that coding for kids is a journey, where they can build portfolios that highlight the mastery of computational concepts for further study.

Scratch Coding for Kids

Python Coding for children

Coding for Children

Python Foundation Coding for Children (NOCN Certified)

Concepts are taught through short interactive programs using visualizations and games, making coding for children straightforward. Formatting, debugging and functions are also covered within our coding classes and programming foundations are built in a low-risk way.

Coding for Children

Python Intermediate Coding for Children (NOCN Certified)

 Topics include list manipulation, file input/output, defining classes and objects. We cover problem-solving through game or simulation projects in our coding classes and apply growing expertise. During these coding classes for children, refactoring and modular code organisation are emphasised.

Coding for Children

Python Advanced Coding for Children (NOCN Certified)

We promote self-directed project planning with experienced tutors providing feedback to make coding for children as versatile as possible. Advanced Python coding classes include

complex data types, recursion, inheritance, data visualization, databases and algorithms are covered. Students demonstrate mastery through open-ended applications using object-oriented design principles via our coding tuition. Portfolios showcase advancement towards cognitive skills for further.

Coding for Children

Beginner Java Coding classes (NOCN Certified)

It’s commonly used in various domains, including web development, mobile app development, enterprise software, and game development. For those new to programming, especially in coding for children, Java is an excellent language to start with due to its straightforward syntax and extensive community support. Our coding classes provide a solid foundation in Java, making it an ideal choice for young learners embarking on their programming journey.

Coding for Children

Intermediate Java Coding classes (NOCN Certified)

and techniques. In this intermediate-level guide, designed with coding for children in mind, we cover topics such as object-oriented programming principles, exception handling, file I/O, collections, and more. Our coding tuition aims to further enhance young learners’ Java programming skills, providing them with a solid foundation for future development.

Coding for Children

Advanced Java Coding classes (NOCN Certified)

advanced concepts and techniques that will elevate your Java skills to new heights. Through our coding classes for kids, you’ll delve into advanced data structures and algorithms, design patterns, and performance optimization, gaining a deeper understanding of Java and its capabilities.

Java Classes for Coding for Children


Trying to find coding classes for children based in the UK?

Searching for an 11+ tutor in UK?

Coding for Children

Baseline Test

 This is particularly beneficial in our 11+ tuition classes in Wolverhampton, where our specialised 11+ tutor ensures each student receives personalised attention to excel in their preparations.

Coding for Children

Non-Verbal Reasoning

Our specialised 11+ tutor frequently incorporates inquiries on patterns, sequences, spatial awareness, and logical deductions into 11+ tuition classes to focus on these essential skills for their exams.

Coding for Children

Verbal Reasoning

vocabulary, analogies, codes, and logical reasoning with language. Our dedicated 11+ tutor guides students to strengthen these skills for success in their exams.

Coding for Children


 geometry, and problem-solving abilities. Our 11+ tutor regularly uses mock papers to assist students in strengthening these fundamental skills for the actual exam.

Coding for Children


comprehension passages, grammar exercises, and creative writing. With the guidance of an engaging 11+ tutor, we adopt a well-rounded approach to prepare students thoroughly for their 11+ exams.


We are delighted to offer GCSE Computer Science tuition, as set out by the OCR and AQA board, delivered by specialised GCSE Computer Science tutors.

Coding for Children

GCSE Computer Science OCR

Our GCSE Computer Science tutor provides structured lessons similar to those in school, with students attending one lesson per week. In addition to this, students receive homework, free learning materials, and opportunities for further learning to ensure they gain a thorough understanding of the subject. With our experienced GCSE Computer Science tutors, students receive support that is tailored to each of their needs and covers a wide range of topics, including programming, algorithms, data structures, and the principles of computing.

Coding for Children

GCSE Computer Science AQA

Students are taught by a knowledgeable GCSE Computer Science Tutor, who provides personalised guidance to master key concepts and excel in their exams. Students undertaking AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance) GCSE Computer Science courses explore fundamental concepts, hands-on practical skills, and the application of knowledge in real-world contexts. We offer one hour weekly lessons with a specialised GCSE Computer Science tutor, studying the GCSE curriculum from the beginning. Within these lessons, the tutor will follow the E-learning platform provided for extra resources, in order to prepare students well for success in this dynamic field.

Coding for Children


Its significance extends across diverse domains such as science, engineering, economics, and technology. Under the OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations) exam board, students embarking on this educational journey delve deeply into mathematical principles, methodologies, and real-world applications, facilitated by GCSE Maths Tuition.

GCSE Computer Science Tuition

A-level Computer Science Tuition

Coding for Children

A-level Computer Science OCR

With our expert guidance, students will gain a deep understanding of these core concepts, preparing them for success in exams and future studies. Our tailored lessons help students stay ahead in this rapidly evolving environment. Join us to excel in your A-level Computer Science OCR. Our dedicated tutors are committed to helping you achieve your academic goals, ensuring you build a solid foundation for higher education and future careers in technology. Experience the advantage of personalised support and expert instruction with us in your A-level Computer Science OCR studies.

Coding for Children

A-level Computer Science AQA

Our expert tuition ensures students gain a comprehensive understanding of these essential concepts and develop practical skills. In today’s digital age, computer science underpins innovations across technology, business, medicine, and beyond. Our tailored lessons help students excel in their A-level Computer Science AQA courses, mastering both theoretical concepts and real-world applications. Join us to achieve success in your A-level Computer Science AQA studies.


DBS checked tutors

Our DBS-checked team consists of highly experienced instructors and tutors who are experts in the coding and digital skills industry, including a GCSE Computer Science tutor, GCSE Maths tutor, and an 11+ tutor based in Wolverhampton. Our professional tutors possess extensive backgrounds in various programming languages and are equipped to offer top-notch education and insights to help your child excel in the digital world.

Individualised learning

At SoC, we believe in the power of individualised learning. During our coding classes for kids, our experienced tutors take the time to assess your child’s unique needs, learning style, and career aspirations to ensure an optimal teaching environment tailored to your child's coding tuition journey. We offer personalised instruction through one-on-one sessions and small group coding classes, ensuring that you receive the individual attention required to master coding concepts and develop at your own pace.

Real-world applications

We are dedicated to preparing your child for real-world success through our coding classes. We go beyond theoretical knowledge by integrating hands-on learning, real-world projects, and industry case studies into our coding tuition curriculum. With our practical approach to teaching coding for children, your child will gain the skills and confidence needed to tackle the world’s biggest problems through code, whilst creating an impressive portfolio, allowing them to stand out to potential employers in the competitive tech industry.

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General Coding For Children Classes (Scratch, Python, Pygame, Web Development, Java, C+, C++, C#, C# Unity, Cyber Security, SQL, Roblox)

Per Lesson Per Month
1:2:1 £25.00 £99.99
Sibling (per child) £17.50 £69.99
Group £12.50 £49.99