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Walsall's Summer Holiday Activities Programme 2024

Join us at Walsall Holiday Club


Super Fun Sports


Prepare to jump, run, and play! Our sports activities are crafted to get your heart racing and your body moving. Whether you adore football, basketball, or other thrilling games, there’s something for everyone to relish. Ideal for fostering teamwork, coordination, and enjoying time with friends!


Drone Coding Adventures


Take to the skies with our exhilarating drone flying sessions. Learn to navigate and control drones while delving into the world of coding. This hands-on experience blends technology and enjoyment, allowing you to master both flight and programming skills.


Design Games Scratch


Step into the world of game design with Scratch! You’ll learn the basics of coding by creating your own interactive games. It’s a fantastic way to unleash your creativity, problem-solving skills, and become a coding hero.


Crumble Coding Fun


Discover the delightful Crumble coding platform, where programming meets creativity. Just like baking biscuits, you’ll combine different elements to create amazing projects. It’s an engaging and enjoyable way to learn coding concepts and bring your ideas to life.


Virtual Reality Adventures


Immerse yourself in incredible Virtual Reality experiences. Explore new worlds, embark on thrilling adventures, and witness the magic of VR technology. It’s an awe-inspiring journey that will captivate your imagination and provide unforgettable memories.


Program Edison Robots


Meet Edison Robots and delve into the fascinating realm of robotics. You’ll learn how to programme these versatile robots to perform various tasks and challenges. It’s a hands-on way to understand robotics, coding, and engineering principles.


Healthy Eating Living


Explore the world of nutrition and healthy living. Discover how to make delicious and nutritious meals that will keep you energised and ready for all your activities. Learn the importance of a balanced diet and vibrant lifestyle for overall wellness.


Creative Microbit Projects


Explore the capabilities of the BBC Microbit with our interactive coding projects. This tiny device packs a punch and offers endless possibilities for creative coding. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve with this powerful tool.

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Digital Art Projects


Unleash your inner artist with our exciting digital art projects. Explore various digital tools and techniques to create stunning artwork. It’s a perfect way to express your creativity and learn new artistic skills in the digital realm.

Our activities are designed for children aged 7 to 11 who have a Unique HAF Barcode provided by Walsall Council. Prepare for a summer filled with learning, excitement, and unforgettable experiences!

🚀 Begin an Epic Summer Coding Adventure 🚀

Get ready to dive into an adventure-packed holiday club, perfect for tech-savvy and sporty kids looking to sharpen their skills this Holiday Break.

⚽️ Gear up for some super fun sports activities—it’s game time!

🎯 Brace yourself for thrilling drone flying and coding adventures!

💻 Become a coding hero by designing your own incredible games with Scratch!

🍪 Enter the tasty world of Crumble coding—it’s like baking cookies, but with code!

🚀 Experience mind-blowing Virtual Reality adventures that will leave you amazed!

🤖 Discover the exciting universe of Edison Robots and learn to program them to do amazing things!

🍏 Uncover the secrets of healthy eating and vibrant living to fuel your adventures with energy and wellness!

🎮 Unleash the power of the BBC Microbit with hands-on coding projects that offer endless creative possibilities!

Our activities are designed for children aged 7 to 11 who have a Unique HAF Barcode provided by Walsall Council.

Venue: Palfrey Junior School, Dale St, Walsall WS1 4AH

29th July 2024 – 1st August 2024

5th August 2024 – 8th August 2024

12th August 2024 – 15th August 2024

19th August 2024 – 22nd August 2024

10:30 - 15:30

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